New Book

My latest book has now been announced. I contributed to Monster Manual V for Dungeons and Dragons. On the one had, this is just a handful of monsters in a big monster book; it’s not a book by me in any reasonable sense, just one I contributed to. On the other, I have now written for Dungeons and Dragons. This will be immensely useful to me when people ask what I do, because “Oh, like Dungeons and Dragons?” is quite a common response.

I can now just say “Yes, one of the games I write for is Dungeons and Dragons”, rather than having to say “Yes, like that, but not actually D&D”.

Also, D&D is the original RPG, so there’s a sense in which I really wanted to get a D&D credit under my belt. As a bonus, the process was easy, and Wizards pay well and early.

Once I know which of the monsters I wrote made it to the final book (they paid me for all of them, which is promising), I’ll add a books page for D&D.