Camera-Shy Foetuses

We went to the clinic again yesterday, for the regular checkup on Yudetamago’s progress. There don’t seem to be any problems; she’s getting bigger at an appropriate speed, and Yuriko seems to be doing well. The longest discussion was over the sorts of exercise that Yuriko should do, which boiled down to “it’s difficult”. She should definitely being doing some, because she will need the stamina when it comes to giving birth, but picking a good type and a good amount may be a bit harder. For the moment, we’ll probably stick with walking, as we both like doing that, and it’s not the sort of thing that can cause damage. She’s also going to carefully-monitored maternity exercises at the local sports centre.

We also got some more ultrasound pictures. Yudetamago is now too big to fit on the screen, so we have to look at one bit at a time. She also appears to be camera shy; she has her arms crossed in front of her face, which means that we can’t get good 3D pictures. So we have to make do with the 2D ones of her skeleton. Mind you, the doctor did manage to get one that shows a bit of her face, which is nice. But I guess we will have to wait until she’s born to see what she really looks like.