Month: September 2007

  • A Routine?

    Things seem to be settling into a bit of a routine now. Obviously, it’s still a routine that gets disrupted and moved about by Mayuki’s moods, but even that can become routine. I don’t know when in the evening i’ll have to carry Mayuki around the living room to keep her calm, but I can […]

  • Taking to the Bottle

    We took Mayuki for another check-up yesterday, and her weight is not climbing quickly enough. It looks like Yuriko’s milk has not come in fully yet. Mayuki’s weight has been going up, so obviously milk has been coming through, but there hasn’t been enough. So, we’re on to supplementing with bottle milk for a little […]

  • Life Insurance

    Yesterday, I applied for life insurance. Now I have a daughter, this has become rather necessary. As is normal with these traditionally complicated and intimidating things, I had to do it in Japanese. (At some point, I will have to make a will in Japanese as well. The main reason that hasn’t happened yet is […]

  • Feeding Troubles

    You would think that, if anything were instinctive, breast feeding would be. Apparently not, however. We went for another check-up for Mayuki yesterday, and she doesn’t seem to be getting enough to drink. The main problem seems to be that she has been sleeping through times when she should be fed, and hasn’t been attaching […]

  • These Lungs Were Made For Talking

    …but for now they’re going to cry. Yes, Mayuki has truly discovered the wonderful potential of her lungs and throat for making a piercing sound that, if continued for long enough, makes whatever is bothering her go away. Whether her mother appears with the Magic Milk Machines, or her nappy suddenly gets dry and comfortable, […]

  • Registration, Part One

    A couple of days ago, I went to the Ward Office to get Mayuki properly registered in Japan. She now has her Japanese birth certificate, and is, or will soon be, registered on Yuriko’s family record, which proves that she is Japanese. (I don’t get properly registered there; I’m just a footnote.) The next step […]

  • Noises in the Night

    Mayuki woke up and cried last night. Yuriko was right on it, but it still took a while to settle her. Fortunately, because Yuriko was right on it, I didn’t need to wake up properly, so I got back to sleep quickly once Mayuki settled. At the moment, we seem to be working on a […]

  • New Lifestyle

    So Mayuki has been home for a couple of days, and I’m trying to get used to my new lifestyle. I’ve changed a few nappies, helped with a bath, and managed to get a full night’s sleep despite the presence of the baby. This was due to Yuriko keeping Mayuki quiet, and thus getting very […]

  • Mayuki is Home

    Yuriko and Mayuki came home from the hospital today. Mayuki is currently asleep in her cot in the bedroom, and so Yuriko is also taking a nap. Mayuki has been sleeping quite a lot today, which does not bode well for her sleeping a lot tonight… I suppose I have to get used to this. […]

  • What’s in a Name?

    Quite a few people have asked me where Mayuki’s name came from, and Japanese names work a bit differently from Western ones, so I think it might be worth explaining here. Japanese law only allows people to have two names, a given name and a family name. The family name is determined by the name […]