These Lungs Were Made For Talking

…but for now they’re going to cry. Yes, Mayuki has truly discovered the wonderful potential of her lungs and throat for making a piercing sound that, if continued for long enough, makes whatever is bothering her go away. Whether her mother appears with the Magic Milk Machines, or her nappy suddenly gets dry and comfortable, or Mummy or Daddy just comes to hold her, something good happens.

Of course, sometimes we fail to make the hiccups instantly go away. (Actually, that’s unfair. Mayuki doesn’t actually cry much when she has hiccups. She just looks somewhat bemused.)

In many ways, it’s a good sign; it shows that she has energy, and that her lungs and voice are developing normally. The fact that she cries a lot in the evening and early night is also, according to the Paranoid Parents’ Primer, normal, so that’s nothing to worry about. And, of course, crying babies are one of the necessary rites of passage of parenthood. You can’t be a proper parent until you’ve done it.

On the bright side, she’s started smiling in her sleep, and this morning, she smiled at me while her eyes were open. It’s still a bit ambiguous whether it’s a proper smile, but we’re nearly there.

The real trick will be getting her to smile at her grandparents and aunts over the internet.