Month: November 2007

  • Superbaby

    Mayuki is clearly the most brilliantest baby in the whole wide world ever. Why, only this evening I spent about five minutes discussing world politics with her, and she contributed fully to the conversation. “So, what do you think about the Annapolis summit?” “Aaaaaooogugugu.” “That’s a little harsh, don’t you think. Abbas still has some […]

  • The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Jewish Philosophy

    Another fairly self-explanatory title… The series of Cambridge Companions aim to provide a range of scholarly essays on a topic or philosopher, to help advanced students to get to grips with them. Thus, they are introductory from one perspective, but very far from superficial, which makes them an interesting read. One interesting thing about this […]

  • Showa Memorial Park

    The main topic of this blog will be today’s little trip out, but before we get on to that I’ll fill in yesterday. As regular readers of this blog will doubtless remember, a few months I rented a storage room near our flat. We’ve been transferring big empty boxes and the like over there, but […]

  • Lunching

    A couple of days ago I had lunch with Declan Murphy, the head of the international office at Yamasa, the Japanese school where I studied. I did mention to him that it might be a good idea to update the “fortnightly” newsletter on the home page, but apparently he’s been short of staff again after […]

  • Certificates

    Today I was back into Tokyo to do more bureaucratic business. First, I went to the UK Embassy to pick up Mayuki’s British birth certificate. We now have documentary evidence of both her nationalities, which is good, because it means we can apply for both passports. Given that they have expiry dates, and are not […]

  • Mayuki’s Literary Leanings

    Following on from her “googoo” experience, Mayuki has, once again, proved that there are certain things she has only ever seen written down. Today, sneezing, she managed to actually say “Aachooo!”. She is clearly practising to be a baby in a book. We are also having fairly long conversations. These are a little limited, as […]

  • Shadows of the UK

    This is the World of Darkness sourcebook for the UK. That may, indeed, be fairly obvious from the title, not to mention the cover image, but it still seems like a sensible place to start talking about it. Most of the authors are British, as far as I know, and quite possibly all of them. […]

  • Yet More Admin

    Yesterday I was out for the morning and part of the afternoon, doing yet more admin things for Mayuki. As yet, it’s not quite realistic to ask her to do them herself, so I got lumbered with the job. The first one was getting her registered at the UK Embassy. This is not legally required; […]

  • A Number of Firsts

    It is true that a small baby in the home takes up quite a lot of time, even when your wife is doing most of the child rearing. This is my excuse for not writing very many English blog entries recently. However, Mayuki is growing up nicely, and she’s passed a number of really important […]

  • Mayuki

    It’s been a while since I’ve written any blog entries, so I’ll write about Mayuki. I’m sure that some people, at least, are eager to hear more about her. She has been putting weight on, which is good. When we weighed her at bath time yesterday, she was finally over 4kg. Looking at the graphs […]