Month: January 2008

  • Time with Mayuki

    I’ve not had a lot of time to write blog entries recently. Work is quite busy (trying to catch up the time I lost over the New Year holidays, which is tricky because work doesn’t stop in the meantime), and, apart from keeping my Japanese blog going, I’m also trying to spend time with Mayuki. […]

  • Bath Time

    As I have mentioned before, Mayuki really likes her bath time. When Yuriko brings her to the bathroom, she smiles and laughs, although she does frown a bit when I undress her, doubtless because it’s a bit chilly at the moment. She almost never cries, though. Once I get her into the bath itself, she […]

  • Two Babies

    Today a couple of our friends came round for the afternoon. They live just down the road (they walked here), he’s English and she’s Japanese, and their eldest daughter was born a week after Mayuki, in the same clinic. They’re even nice people. With that many coincidences, it has to be fate. Anyway, we sat […]

  • Mayuki Talking

    Over the last couple of days Mayuki has started “talking” a lot more. Indeed, as I type this she’s carrying on a one-sided conversation with Yuriko in the next room. She had a period a few weeks ago when she made a lot of noise, but then she went quiet again. That phase also seems […]

  • New Diary Entry

    I’ve added a new entry to my Japan Diary.

  • Four Month Check-up

    Yesterday, Mayuki had her three/four month checkup. These are run by the city ward, so they are free, and happen once a week. This week was a bit busy, due to the New Year holiday, so Yuriko thinks that there were about 50 or 60 babies there, but Mayuki was the cutest. Of course, I […]

  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year, everyone. We had a really nice New Year holiday. First, Mum and Ray came to visit us on the return leg of their New Zealand trip, then we went to Nagoya to stay with Yuriko’s parents for a few nights. A detailed report, with photographs, will follow when I have time, which […]