Holding the Baby

Yuriko has gone out again today, to a special meeting associated with her kimono class: there is a chance to see Okinawan kimonos and eat Okinawan food. She couldn’t really take Mayuki, so I’ve been left looking after her. Since I have no lessons, it is possible, but I’m trying to do some work in and between. Fortunately, Mayuki is being a really good girl. Right now, she’s asleep, and has been for about a quarter of an hour. Before that, she was sitting happily beside my computer, smiling and talking to me. Yuriko says that she (Mayuki) didn’t sleep well last night, which seems plausible — I seem to remember waking up quite a bit as well — so maybe she’ll stay asleep for a while and let me get some more writing done.

Talking of getting to sleep, Mayuki has stopped crying so much before she falls asleep. Maybe she’s getting used to me putting her to bed. She did wake up and cry after a couple of hours last night, but after two hours we’re into “waking up in the night”, not “having trouble getting to sleep”.

Anyway, I’d better take advantage of the opportunity to get some more work done.






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