Month: April 2008

  • Mayuki Recovered

    It looks like Mayuki did just have a bit of a cold. She was a bit off-colour yesterday, and slept a lot, and she was rather restless last night, but this morning she seems to be back to her usual self. As I type this, she’s sitting in her bouncer next to the computer (so […]

  • Mayuki’s First Sickness

    Mayuki has got ill for the first time. Fortunately, it doesn’t look serious; I think she’s caught a cold. She’s had a slight cough for a couple of days, and her nose was running a bit yesterday. Then, in the evening, when Yuriko picked her up she suddenly threw up all over the floor. (Mayuki, […]

  • Computer Fixed

    Well, my computer is working again. Sleep on the problem, and work out how to fix it. Since the keyboard was working on the login screen and on the Live CD, I figured that it had to be something to do with my setup. So, I used the failsafe terminal, which just gives you a […]

  • Computer Woes

    I’ve just upgraded the version of Linux on my computer to Ubuntu 08.04, and it’s broken the keyboard. What that means is that I can’t type anything on Linux. It’s only the software that’s broken, so fortunately I can type on the Mac side of my machine. However, I work on the Linux side. I […]

  • Family Dinner

    Yesterday we had our first family dinner. Now, it’s true that Mayuki has gone to restaurants with us, as this weekend, and that she has been sitting at the table with us for breakfast and dinner since her high chair arrived a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, however, was special. Mayuki ate at the same […]

  • New Diary Entry

    I’ve put a new diary entry online.

  • Ice Yearning

    I have written a fantasy novel. After writing a lot of RPG books, this was what I wanted to do next, and a month or so ago I finished. Since then, I’ve had a few people I know read it and make comments, and I’ve made some revisions as a result. (And caught some more […]

  • Seven Month Medical

    Mayuki had her seven month medical today. This also included her second DPT jab, and apparently she cried a lot at that. She’s about 65cm long, and weighs a bit over 7kg, both of which are within the normal range. The fact that she still isn’t rolling over is a bit unusual, but nothing to […]

  • Family Outing

    Yesterday we went on a little family outing. Indeed, you could say that we went shopping, although we didn’t actually buy very much. For the first stop, we did make purchases. We went to the outlet shop at a local bread factory. Yuriko buys most of our bread there these days, because the bread is […]

  • Self-Harming Baby

    Babies are clearly born suicidal, or at least with a strong tendency to self-harm. A couple of days ago, Mayuki threw herself off our bed, and then complained vigorously about the result. Actually, I was in the middle of a lesson, so I heard “THUD. waaaaAAAAAA”. Obviously, I excused myself and went to investigate. Yuriko […]