Mayuki’s First Sickness

Mayuki has got ill for the first time. Fortunately, it doesn’t look serious; I think she’s caught a cold.

She’s had a slight cough for a couple of days, and her nose was running a bit yesterday. Then, in the evening, when Yuriko picked her up she suddenly threw up all over the floor. (Mayuki, not Yuriko.) I cleaned the floor while Yuriko cleaned Mayuki. We were, of course, rather concerned. Mayuki, on the other hand, seemed utterly contented, smiling and laughing, and trying to play with this interesting white stuff that was all over the place.

After we’d changed her, I took her temperature, just to make sure she didn’t have a fever, although she certainly didn’t feel like she had one. She was happy during that process, smiling at us, and then, just as I finished, she threw up again, all over my hands. A little later, she threw up again, but only a little bit; we think that emptied her stomach. At no point was she even slightly moody.

We ate dinner with her sitting in the high chair, and she behaved exactly as normal. When Yuriko worried, aloud, that she didn’t seem to have as much energy as normal, she started singing and banging her hands on the chair’s table. Her energy seemed about normal…

She drank before bed time, and then woke up after an hour demanding more. Not really surprising, since her stomach emptied itself. She then slept for about six hours, before having a bout of diarrhea at around 4am. The noise woke me up (she’d already woken Yuriko by kicking her), and obviously I was worried that she might have vomited. However, she hadn’t, and although she had quite a lot of diarrhea, she seemed quite happy during the process, and talked to us when we took her back to bed. She did quieten down after a while.

Right now, she’s still asleep with Yuriko, so it looks like there are no immediate problems.

Today’s a national holiday in Japan, so unless the symptoms get worse we won’t be going to the doctor’s today. And Mayuki might be better by tomorrow. It really does look like she’s caught a bit of a cold, and that that’s all it is.

Computer Fixed

Well, my computer is working again. Sleep on the problem, and work out how to fix it.

Since the keyboard was working on the login screen and on the Live CD, I figured that it had to be something to do with my setup. So, I used the failsafe terminal, which just gives you a command line, to create a new user, and then logged in as that user to see whether the keyboard worked then. It did. So I compared the configuration files in the home directories for the new user and my current user. (Fortunately, I was able to switch user in a terminal in the new user without breaking the keyboard for my normal account, which meant I could easily edit my files. From the command line.) The keyboard directory in .gconf was not present in the new user. That means two things. First, it’s not necessary, and second, it could be the problem. So, I moved it up to my home directory, because if it’s in the wrong place it won’t do anything, and I might want to check the contents later. Then I logged out of the test user and logged in again as myself.

And the keyboard works. Even Japanese input works. 見てご覧。Although that Japanese full stop looks a little odd.