Month: May 2008

  • Ice Yearning Chapter Two Up

    The second chapter of Ice Yearning is now online. Yes, that means that the first chapter has been paid for. So far, the money has mainly come from people who know me already, but that’s not really too unexpected at the beginning of a new venture. I do need to broaden the range of people […]

  • They’re Back!

    Yuriko and Mayuki came back from Nagoya yesterday, and I went to meet them at the Shinkansen station, Shin-Yokohama. There’s an express bus from Mizonokuchi station, which is faster, more convenient, and possibly also cheaper than getting the trains from the same place. The only disadvantage is that there aren’t as many buses as there […]

  • All Alone

    This week I’ve been all by myself. Yuriko and Mayuki have gone to Yuriko’s parents’ in Nagoya; the original plan was for Yuriko to sort out the boxes of stuff that she still had stored there. I’ve been talking to them every day by Skype, and I think Mayuki recognises that it’s Daddy in the […]

  • “Otaku”

    As people with a passing familiarity with contemporary Japan are probably aware, “otaku” is the Japanese equivalent of “geek” or “nerd”, or maybe “obsessive fan”. It tends to be applied to people who like geeky things, like science fiction, anime, computer games, or roleplaying. This morning the caretaker at our flats addressed me as “otaku”. […]

  • Mothers’ Day

    Mothers’ Day in Japan was yesterday. Ideally, Mayuki would have got Yuriko a card, cooked her breakfast in bed, and generally been helpful. Alas, she’s still a bit too young to manage that. She did give Yuriko a card, but, if I’m honest, she had a little bit of help with sorting that out. Next […]

  • New Diary Entry

    I’ve put a new diary entry online.