Month: November 2008

  • Mayuki Update

    It’s far too long since I wrote a blog entry in English, so I’ll have to write about Mayuki, or large portions of my audience will never forgive me. She’s still fine, still cute, and still lovely. Of course. My Dad was in Japan last weekend, so she had a chance to play with her […]

  • The US Election

    So, the US elections are finally more-or-less over. The American people appear to have given the Democrats larger majorities in the House and Senate, important results that should not be overlooked in the general rejoicing that they have also elected Barack Obama as president. The first African-American president is of great symbolic importance, and it’s […]

  • Mayuki’s Modelling Debut (Part II)

    Today I was in Shibuya, enjoying a day off by myself, and I just happened to pop in to a large electrical goods shop and wander over to their digital camera section. Fortunately, they did have Mayuki’s album on display with the camera. So, I’ve had a look at it in a shop. I took […]