Month: January 2009

  • Fukagawa

    Today we went on a family day trip to Fukagawa, a region of eastern Tokyo in the old working-class areas, the so-called Shitamachi. (Literally, “down town”, but that’s an appallingly bad translation.) The weather was relatively kind to us, and I took quite a few photographs. I even got Yuriko to take some so that […]

  • In My Sleep

    Yesterday, Yuriko told me I’d been talking in my sleep. Apparently, I told her that there was a blue light inside the light in our bedroom. When she said that, I remembered saying it, and seeing the light. It was like a bit of blue lightning, moving around inside the lampshade. Of course, the really […]

  • New Year Holidays

    We went to Nagoya on the second, to spend a couple of nights with Yuriko’s parents and brother. Most importantly, of course, Mayuki got time with grandparents, and all those involved seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Mayuki particularly enjoyed the slides in the park on the last day. I have some photographs, so I really […]

  • Tamao

    Today I am starting online publication of another fantasy novel, Tamao. I am doing this a bit differently from Ice Yearning. Tamao is free to read, and updated in daily installments, with a new piece going online every day at midnight Japan time. Most days, the new material comes to between five and six hundred […]