Month: August 2009

  • Further Immigration

    Yesterday I got a letter from Japanese immigration asking for some more information for my permanent residence application. One thing they wanted was, basically, directions to my house, in case they wanted to pop round. Now, it is fundamentally reasonable that they might want to pop round. I believe it’s virtually standard practice when applying […]

  • Mayuki Being Cute

    Since it’s a while since I posted anything in this blog, I thought I’d post a couple of things about Mayuki being cute. People with no interest in yet another cute baby can simply read something else. Both incidents happened yesterday, before we went out to do Mayuki’s birthday shopping. This is probably the last […]

  • Permanent Residence Application

    Today I applied for permanent residence in Japan. It didn’t actually take that long; I needed about a dozen pieces of paper, most of which were issued by the local ward office, and a simple application form. A lot of the simplicity is because I’m applying on the grounds of being married to a Japanese […]