Month: November 2009

  • Visa Extension

    I got my visa extension today. This is just another three years on the spousal visa; still no news on permanent residence. There wasn’t really much doubt that I’d get the extension, since I clearly meet the requirements, but it’s still nice to actually have the visa in my passport and the record on my […]

  • Shinto Controversies Course — 10th Lecture

    Today was the last of this year’s Shinto lectures at Kokugakuin. The theme was the origins of Yoshida Shinto, particularly the activities of Kanetomo Yoshida. (Kanetomo is his given name.) Right at the beginning of the lecture, Professor Okada said that he didn’t generally like to criticise historical figures, because you shouldn’t speak ill of […]

  • Goth Girl

    Mayuki has recently started insisting on choosing her own clothes to wear. Putting her in other things causes a tantrum and a bad mood, so unless she, for example, chooses two pairs of trousers and tries to wear one pair on her head, I tend to let her. Save my energy for the important battles. […]