Mount Fuji

I mentioned before that we were supposed to be able to see Mount Fuji from our flat. Well, a few days ago the weather was clear, so I was able to confirm this. As you can see from the photograph, it is possible to see Mount Fuji from our flat.

A landscape that purportedly includes Mount Fuji, with a big helpful arrow

You can see it, can't you?

OK, maybe it’s a little too small in the photograph, even with a bit of help. Here’s a photograph I took by zooming in a bit.

Mount Fuji, above other mountains, in close-up

Can you see it now?

Actually, when you’re looking, it’s quite clear. A couple of days ago we were there in the evening, discussing the redecoration and such, and there was a very nice silhouette of Mount Fuji as the sun set behind it. On clear days, it will be a nice feature of the flat.

The blog has been a bit neglected, because we are having to sort out exactly what we are having done, as well as doing normal work and sorting out address changes. We’re a bit busy at the moment, even more so than normal. I really hope it will settle down in April.