Vaccination Stories

Today, Mayuki has to go for her first booster jab for her Japanese encephalitis vaccination. We hadn’t booked it, but there were slots today, so we made a quick appointment. First, however, we had to convince Mayuki that this was a good idea. She remembered last time, so she wasn’t initially enthusiastic, but after Yuriko reminded her that she hadn’t actually passed out last time, I spent about half an hour convincing her that, although the injection did hurt a bit, it would stop her getting ill.

I don’t know how far she understood, but she did come round to the idea, and agree to go to have the injection.

Then, while she was waiting for Yuriko to get ready, she drew a picture book.

This book is the story of Moko-chan, whose mother told her to go and have her booster jab by herself. She was crying on the way to the clinic as she thought about the needle (picture of crying Moko-chan with a thought bubble of the needle), but then she realised that she could throw the needles in the sea. (Smiling Moko-chan, with thought bubble of needles going into the sea.) So she went to the clinics, gathered up the needles, and threw them in the sea.

But then, Mayuki added, the other children at kindergarten told her that she should have the vaccination, so she went back to the clinics to have it properly.

Apparently, the Moko-chan stories are very famous in America, and Mayuki just made them up today. This story is number two, and tomorrow she will make up number one. I’m looking forward to it.

Merry Christmas

The presents under the Christmas TreeOnce again, it is 8am on Christmas morning, the sky is blue, Mount Fuji is visible in the distance, and Mayuki is still asleep. She was really excited last night, and put her stocking on the top of the bed, but now she is sound asleep.

The presents have been building up under the tree for a couple of weeks. Every time a new one was added, Mayuki asked “Is it for me?”, and was very excited when it was. However, she hasn’t been trying to peek inside. She even hid one of her dolls among the presents for me to find, without trying to look inside and see what the presents were.

This is not what I’d heard about five-year-olds at Christmas. I guess all children really are different.

We have video chats with the US and UK booked, I’ll be making Christmas dinner all morning, and in the afternoon we’ll open our presents. We have lots of snacks for the day, as well. It should be a good family day.


I see that today’s earthquake has also made the international news. We’re all fine. We felt it, and it was long, but it wasn’t that strong here. Much smaller than last year’s. NHK are still broadcasting tsunami warnings for Tohoku, though.