“Right Wing”

In mid-December, a new right wing government was elected in Japan. Some people have even described it as “far right”. So, now it’s in office, what has it done?

The first concrete policy announcement was a ¥20 trillion (about $200 billion) spending package to boost the economy, with an emphasis on public works, such as reconstructing Tohoku, improving the earthquake resistance of schools, and testing and repairing ageing infrastructure.

The second concrete policy announcement was a rise in the top rate of income tax from 40% to 45%, and in the top rate of inheritance tax from 50% to 55%, with the explicit goal of reducing income inequality in society.

Just like the UK Conservatives or US Republicans, then. Right? Really?

Server Troubles

I’ve been having some problems with my server. First, I was massively over quota because of the archives of the development mailing lists I run for Ars Magica. As part of the solution to that problem (which was my fault, although it took tech support about five attempts to work out where the files taking up my quota were; I don’t think many people use mailing lists these days), I was moved to a newer server, with a larger quota.

That server then got blacklisted as a spammer. It’s not clear why that happened, but apparently it can take up to two weeks to clear the blacklisting. So I got moved to yet another shared server.

I appear to have lost at least one email in the transition. Right now (9:30am JST) I think I’ve answered all the emails I received that needed an answer. (Comments about my posting to Facebook don’t need an answer.) So, if you thought you would get an answer and haven’t, please send your email again, because I probably didn’t get it. (I stopped responding to the test emails I requested when I sent out the general “Communication Restored” email, for the people who got those.)

Incidentally, I can recommend Liquid Web as a hosting provider. It works fine almost all the time, and the support staff are very quick about fixing things when there is a problem, even when (as with the spam blacklisting) the problem is not their fault. Also, their tech support does not treat you like an idiot. They might not be ideal if you know nothing about running a web site, because I don’t think they will actually set everything up for you, but if you have a basic idea and are willing to learn, they’re great. They do try to make it as easy for you as possible, in my experience.

Happy New Year!

I think it’s 2013 for just about everyone who reads this blog now, so happy new year! We’ve had an easy day at home, and visiting the local shrine for the traditional New Year’s Day visit. Mayuki got a new year’s present from them, as well.

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2013.