Month: December 2013

  • Merry Christmas

    It’s 7:30 on Christmas morning. The sun is shining, the air is clear, Mt Fuji is capped with glistening snow. And Mayuki is still asleep. It’s going to be a good day. Merry Christmas, everyone. (I can’t say “Happy Holidays”, because it isn’t. At least not here.)

  • Playtest Scenario Finished

    Today, I finished the first draft of the first playtest scenario. The next step is to try playing it, to see whether it works. This very first playtest will be very limited in numbers, because the game might well not work at all, and I will use the feedback from it to revise and improve […]

  • Good Progress

    Today, I’ve made good progress on Kannagara. The first playtest scenario is nearly finished in first draft. I think I need another day to get it done, which augurs well for it being completed within the year. Then I will try to recruit some people to actually try it, to find out whether it is […]