Month: December 2014

  • Merry Christmas

    It’s Christmas morning, the sun is shining, and Mt Fuji is visible from the window. This year, Mayuki woke up at 7am, so she’s obviously growing up. She came running to me with her stocking. “Look! Santa left me some chocolate! And a Lego Friends set! Oooh, look! Pocket money! A 500 yen coin! All […]

  • Certificate of Citizenship

    When I went to the Legal Affairs Bureau to start the process of naturalising, I was given a long list of documents to gather. I decided to start by gathering the UK-issued documents, as I foresaw the most problems with those. I seem to have been correct. One of the documents required was a certificate […]

  • First Naturalisation Interview

    Yesterday, I went to keep my appointment at the Legal Affairs Bureau in Kawasaki for my first interview about naturalising. The interview took about an hour, and mostly consisted of explanations of the documents I need to prepare in order to submit my application. The whole thing was conducted in Japanese, so if your Japanese […]