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The Payment Model

I am asking people to pay for the latest chapter. You can read it first, decide how much you think it is worth, and then use the convenient "Donate" button to pay me that much. The payment is denominated in Japanese yen, and if you pay less than 50 yen PayPal will take it all in fees (or, possibly, reject the payment; I haven't tried it). You need a PayPal account or a credit card to pay; if you have a credit card you do not need to be registered with PayPal. Fortunately, you don't need a Japanese credit card or PayPal account; PayPal will handle the currency conversion for you. There are generally about 100 yen to the US dollar, but that changes from day to day.

Once a chapter has been paid for, I'll put the next chapter online, and continue in the same fashion. The amount I'm asking for may change with each chapter; at the moment it's 30,000 yen (about $300). All the chapters are about 10,000 words long, and the whole novel has eight chapters.

Q & A

What if I want to pay for the whole novel at once?

You can pay as much as you like at any point. If you paid 4,000 yen at one point, that would speed up the appearance of the next chapter, but it wouldn't guarantee that you would see the whole novel. You'd have to pay several hundred thousand yen to do that. If you want to read the whole novel at a reasonable price, spread the word. The more people who are paying for it, the less each individual has to pay.

I can't afford to pay for it...

That's fine. The published chapters are available free, and I want as many people as possible to read them. If you want to read more chapters, though, you should spread the word about the book, so that more people will pay for it and more chapters will go online.

What's a good amount to pay?

I think 500 yen per chapter is a good amount, but it really is entirely up to you.