About This Site

This site is an experiment. It is an attempt to find a really useful way of using the world wide web in the teaching of philosophy, rather than just using it as a gimmick. The first attempts probably won't succeed, so feedback is very important. Send it to dc132@cam.ac.uk.

At the moment, the site is under construction, and large chunks have yet to be written. Accordingly, although all actual links should work, there will be many things that look like they ought to be links, but aren't. That means that I haven't written that part yet.

The site is organised around the HPS Part II Paper 4 supervision topics. The site is supposed to be used before you write the essay. The plan is that you should be able to look at the entries for each topic, find something that interests you, and get some pointers on relevant literature and other possible angles.

Philosophy is very interconnected, and, as result, so are the pages on this site. You will have to decide for yourself where to stop. The site will not write your essay for you, but it might help you to decide what you want to write about and, therefore, what you need to read.

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