WitchCraft Books by David Chart

I got my start writing for Eden Studios by writing a scenario for Conspiracy X, another of their games. I bought the basic rules, got really inspired, and wrote the scenario within about a week. The editor there really liked it, and offered me more work. In the end, that work wasn't for Conspiracy X, it was for WitchCraft, another of their lines. They had to send me the books so that I could work on the game. Fortunately, I did like the game when I got to see it.

Power and Privilege

Eden Studios, 2001. ISBN 1-891153-47-1

A sourcebook for the WitchCraft game, detailing the fictional Rosicrucians.

The brief for this book was to include no new mechanics, which meant that I had to include interesting background material. My goal was to design a group that would work well both as player character and as antagonists; the Rosicrucians were not presented very sympathetically in the core book.

The approach I took was to give them ethical standards that, while fairly minimal, were very strictly enforced. Thus, individuals might be unpleasant, but not outright evil. On the other hand, the group generally exercises little control over the day-today lives of its members, which means that it's a reasonable base for player characters who want to be a bit heroic. Even they are likely to get annoyed by the sexism and snobbery, but that just creates material for adventures.

There are five covenants in WitchCraft, and the five books were supposed to be produced simultaneously. In the end, I was the only one author who made the deadline, and I think this is the only book in the series that has been published so far.