This page contains links to essays, essentially opinion pieces, that I have written on a variety of topics. All of these essays are licensed under a Creative Commons license, which means that you may copy and distribute them as long as you give me credit, do not use them commercially, and do not alter them. (Check the license for full legal details on what is allowed.) If you want to use them in any way not already permitted, please contact me.

In addition, each essay is signed with my PGP key. That way, people can verify that I really wrote them.

Ineffable God
If God is ineffable, beyond human comprehension, then he cannot be trusted.
28 August 2003
Sex is Good
Sex is morally good, in the sense that a person who has more sex is, all else being equal, a more virtuous person.
18 August 2003
Responding to Tyranny
We should allow the citizens of tyrannies to immigrate freely, and help them to do so.
16 July 2003
The Ethics of Envy
A great deal of the motivation for wanting equality comes from envy, and thus has no moral force.
15 May 2003
Private Schools
Private schools are good for the wider community, and it would be immoral to ban them.
13 April 2003
In Praise of Immigration
Immigration is good for the country that receives the immigrants.
16 March 2003
Should we Invade Iraq?
An argument that we shouldn't, because the situation does not morally justify war.
15 February 2003