David Chart's History and Philosophy of Science Pages

Welcome to my History and Philosophy of Science pages. These pages are, at present, primarily aimed at my students, rather than at other academics. I have, however, written a philosophical monograph, which may be of interest to academics as well as to students. Everyone should feel free to browse these pages and link to them, but please respect my copyright.

HPS Papers

Academic papers I have written in the History and Philosophy of Science.

Supervision Handouts

The information needed for the Supervisions I am giving in HPS. This includes the question for each supervision.

Topics in the Philosophy of Science

Very brief summaries of a number of topics in the philosophy of science, primarily those taught in IB HPS at Cambridge.

Site Map

This is a map of all the pages in the new part of this site, and should help people to orient themselves if they get lost.

HPS Supervisors Page

This is the page for supervisors on the Department of History and Philosophy of Science's web site. It contains further useful information, although it is aimed primarily at supervisors, not students.

My Old HPS Pages

A great deal of the content on these pages will find its way into the new pages over time, but for the moment I am leaving them accessible. Note that all practical information on these pages is outdated.