David Chart's Japan Diary

September 22nd 2003

The money arrived in Japan on the 17th, and they sent the documents out. They arrived today, so now I have my Certificate of Eligibility. This does not mean that I can go into Japan; I still have to apply for a visa. However, the Certificate does mean that the Immigration Authorities in Japan have checked that I qualify for the visa, so that the Consulate here in Los Angeles doesn't need to check back with them.

As a result, it should only take a few days to get the visa. I'm going up to LA tomorrow (my uncle is driving me up, for which I am very grateful) to apply for the visa at the Consulate there. I'm not sure what happens then. I may have to go back to the Consulate later in the week to pick the visa up, or I may be able to get it posted to me. I suspect that I will have to go back in person, probably taking my passport back so that they can stick the visa in.

When I get to Japan, I have to apply for permission to land. I need to show them the visa, and the Certificate of Eligibility, and then they decide whether to let me in. Of course, we're into the stage of formalities now (at least, I really hope we are); nothing has changed since I filled in the initial application, so there is no reason for them to refuse me a visa or entry.