David Chart's Japan Diary

October 4th 2003

My Flat, Okazaki

I've reached Okazaki and moved into my flat. I have to be at the school at 9am Monday for the placement test, but tomorrow is free. I'm quite tired now, because yesterday was even busier than Thursday and today was about the same, but I just wanted to write a short entry as soon as I arrived.

I saw Yuriko and Saori in Tokyo, and they both came to Tokyo Station with me. Having two beautiful women see me off on the Shinkansen was very nice. I'll be going back to Tokyo to see them again, and they may come here.

The flat is very nice. It actually seems bigger than I imagined, probably because I know it's slightly smaller than the flat I had in Cambridge, but it has much less stuff in it. Thus, I imagined something that felt smaller than that flat, but in fact it feels larger. There is no hanging rail in the wardrobe, but I'm sure I'll be able to do something about that fairly soon. I also need to buy all the basic eating irons, and if the shops are open I'll do that tomorrow. I'm in Residence U, incidentally. This was my third choice, but all the delays with getting the money transferred will have pushed me down the list. There wasn't, however, much to choose between the first three choices on my list, so it's not a problem. I don't think I'd move if one of the others became free, for example.

No pictures today; tomorrow I will write up everything else I did in Tokyo, with pictures. I took 116 in total, despite my camera being less than reliable, so those family members who wanted me to take lots of pictures should be happy. Digital cameras are great.