David Chart's Japan Diary

September 9th 2004

Today is the first anniversary of my diary. Happy birthday, diary. When I started, I really wasn't sure that I'd be able to keep it up as well as I have, so I shall take a moment to feel pleased with myself.

Right, that's quite enough of that.

The main event since the last update (on Tuesday) is that I've received a fan letter from one of my Japanese fans. A real fan letter. The subject line of the email was 'Fan Letter' and everything. He's been reading my Japanese diary, and he claims that his English is worse than my Japanese, but given that he can read Ars Magica in English, I'm not sure just how accurate that claim is. So there we go. Conclusive proof that I'm an international celebrity, for sufficiently small values of 'celebrity'. (I guess that 'England and Japan' is a fairly large value of 'international' already.) So, I think I'll take another moment to feel self-satisfied.

OK, quite enough of that again.

The other news is that we had two largish earthquakes on Sunday (see previous entry), and one small one on each of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Nothing today, so far. I suspect they're aftershocks, but I've managed not to notice any of them.

Random thing: This was some time ago, but I kept forgetting to mention it. I got a flyer through my door, looking for language exchange, that started "We are not suspicious! We are Japanese girls!" Probably true. Japanese girls are so unsuspicious I'm amazed so many of them come back from foreign holidays...

Anyway, given that I'm now planning to stay here indefinitely, I have to think about the future of my diary. I suppose that my family will stay interested indefinitely, so maybe I should just keep doing it as long as there's interest. I've rather got used to writing it up now. Let me know if you're all bored rigid by this point and feel a terrible sense of obligation when contemplating the need to read the latest dull installment of my boring life. (On second thoughts, if you feel that way, don't let me know.)