David Chart's Japan Diary

November 28th 2004

Well, it's been a busy week, but, once again, not terribly interesting to write or read about. The main reason it was busy was that Ars Magica Fifth Edition started reaching customers, so the mailing lists and web fora devoted to the game became busy with people complaining about it. Most of the people saying that the new edition was bad were people who didn't have it yet, which made having a sensible argument a little tricky... Most of the people who actually have the book seem to like it, which is good.

I also have a copy of the book, and I like the way it looks a great deal. I think it looks much, much better than the earlier editions of the game and, naturally, I also think that the content is a lot better. At any rate, listening to the mailing lists, and occasionally replying, while trying to keep up with the rest of the Line Editor job (which has also been busy) and other freelancing responsibilities (also busy) has taken quite a bit of time, probably fairly close to the maximum I'm legally allowed to work. And then, of course, there's school. Skipping school is clearly unthinkable, and a waste of money to boot. There's the big exam next weekend, but I'm not worrying about that. (Really. I am completely unworried, largely because I passed the mock and so it now does not matter to me in the slightest if I fail the real thing; I know I've reached that level.) I'm really not getting as much homework done as I would like, though.

This weekend has been very productive; I've got just about everything I wanted to do, done, and I still have time to do the remaining bits. But this diary has long since passed the point where recounting details of my shopping and laundry could possibly count as interesting. (Although we had fantastic drying weather this weekend.)

So, I'm busy and I don't have anything interesting to say. Sounds like a good couple of reasons for a short diary entry.