DCS System

These files contain a role-playing system, DCS. The basic framework is complete, but there is no background, and I may still expand sections. Any and all comments are welcome: please email them to me at david@davidchart.com.

I have also written a number of roleplaying books. These are not free, but if you like DCS you might find them interesting.

This game is freeware. Download it and use it as you please, if you want to, but I retain the copyright. Please do not put it on any other servers (although including a link to this page is fine, of course), or sell it. If you do distribute it, do so without changing anything, and include all the files (including this one).

Simple Roll
Threshold Roll
Opposed Roll
Extraordinary Success and Failure
Ability Improvement
Ways of Improving
Cost of Improvements
Learning Things
Fate Points
Using Fate Points
Awarding Fate Points
Basic Mechanics
Time Periods
Making Multiple Items
Specific Examples
Normal Abilities
Cultural Abilities
Defaults and Increase
Ability List
Artistic Abilities
Athletic Abilities
Combat Abilities
Craft Abilities
Endurance Abilities
Farming Abilities
Intellectual Abilities
Knowledge Abilities
Maritime Abilities
Organisational Abilities
Perception Abilities
Performance Abilities
Social Abilities
Vehicle Abilities
Wilderness Abilities
Deterioration and Recovery
Injury, Fatigue and Boredom
Disease and Poison
Design Philosophy

All the files, in text format, can be downloaded here. They are stuffed and BinHexed, so you will need Stuffit Expander to read them. This is available for the Mac and Windows, from the usual sites. The file is only 38K: I did say that this was only the basic framework.

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