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Welcome to Ice Yearning

Welcome to Ice Yearning, a fantasy novel by David Chart.

This is an experiment with a slightly different form of distribution. The first two chapters are already free to read online, and is under a Creative Commons License that means you can pass copies to your friends, or even put it up on your own website, as long as you aren't making money off it in any way, and as long as you don't change it. I'm asking for donations for further chapters; more details about the payment model are on this page.

I have created discussion forums and a mailing list for people who want to talk about the novel. There is also an announcement mailing list, which is just for me to tell people when a new chapter goes online.

Ice Yearning

HTML Version

Chapter 1, Part 1

Chapter 1, Part 2

Chapter 2, Part 1

Chapter 2, Part 2

PDF Version

The PDF file contains all currently published chapters.

The background image for the pages is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence; it is based on a photograph by Jan Krutisch, modified by me. The banner image is based on Cloud cover on Elephant Island by Philip Hall, an image from the US NOAA which is in the public domain. The whole banner is under the same license as the text of the book.