Ars Magica

Welcome to my Ars Magica pages. Although I am the Ars Magica Line Editor for Atlas Games, these pages are completely unofficial. As well as editing the line, I have written a number of books for Ars Magica. I'm not intending to put a lot of material on these pages, but the Journal of the Lady Helissente may get updated.

The Journal of the Lady Helissente of Caribet

Events in the saga of Saxum Caribetum as seen through the eyes of the Lady Helissente, the wife of Sir Achilles, lord of the manor.

Project Redcap

Project Redcap, a collection of links to all Ars Magica pages and other internet resources.

Old Pages

The pages I used to have on Geocities. They are still exactly the same, so they have links purporting to point at Geocities which don't; they point at my home page. Most of the material is for ArM3, as well. They may have their HTML revised at some point, and I might even do something with the directory structure, but don't hold your breath.
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