The Journal of the Lady Helissente of Caribet

The Lady Helissente is a character in the Ars Magica saga of Saxum Caribetum. Her journal, which contains information not necessarily known to other characters in the saga, contains her thoughts on the events taking place at the covenant. It is very far from being an unbiased account.

Helissente joined the saga some time ago, marrying Sir Achilles in the summer of 1223 at the age of 15. Just before the ceremony her uncle was revealed to be a werewolf, but as Sir Achilles lives with a bunch of wizards he was prepared to overlook that. In October 1224 she gave birth to her first son, Phillipe, who was not a puppy, much to Achilles's relief.

I started the journal with the Midwinter 1225 entry, although I am also filling in earlier events.

This journal is unlikely to gain much content for a while, as I am in Japan at the moment, and so I am not playing Helissente in the saga.

Summer 1223
Helissente arrives at Caribet, learns that her uncle is a werewolf, and marries Sir Achilles.
Midwinter 1225
Helissente finally gets to attend Caribet's notorious Midwinter Feast.
Winter 1225
Helissente has to deal with the aftermath of the feast.
Spring 1226
The village of Caribet has some normal visitors. Of course, they didn't come deliberately... Also, Galienne gets married, just as her destiny predicted.
Summer 1226
Helissente has a new baby.
Autumn 1226
Helissente's new baby is kidnapped by faeries.
Midwinter 1227
Helissente attends the Midwinter Feast again, and gets into almost as much trouble as last time.
Autumn 1228
The trouble is born.