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Benisons are feats that are only available to devout worshippers of a particular deity. Otherwise, they follow all the usual rules for feats.

A character is only a devout worshipper of a deity if her actions fit with that deity's goals and desires. Mere lip service is not enough. It is, however, possible to be a devout worshipper of more than one deity.

A benison is a mark of divine favour, and is visible as such to other devout worshippers of a deity. If a character has a benison from a deity, clerics of that deity and other characters who have received a benison from the same deity know this if they see or speak to the character. This is the only information conveyed, but it normally ensures a friendly reaction.

If you stop worshipping a deity, you lose any benisons gained. If you start worshipping a different deity, you may replace the lost benison with a benison from your new god.

Dancing Cloud

Cloud Dancer

The character can walk on clouds.

Prerequisite: Weather Friend

Benefit: The character can walk on clouds as if they were solid ground. She may walk up and down through clouds and fog as if she was walking on a slope, and may climb up and down rain as if it were ship's rigging (DC 10). Dancing Cloud will not leave her stranded on clouds, but if she jumps off she takes normal damage.

Water Breather

The character can breathe underwater.

Prerequisite: Water Dancer

Benefit: The character can breathe underwater as if it were air. She may breathe fresh or salt water, but impurities in the water (including salt) have the same sorts of effects as smoke in the air. Thus, breathing sea water is distinctly unpleasant and distracting, but not actively dangerous.

Water Dancer

The character is a superb swimmer.

Benefit: Swim is a class skill for the character, and she gets a +3 bonus on all uses. Further, she is always dry the moment she leaves the water.

Weather Friend

The weather acts to help the character in her endeavours.

Prerequisite: Weather Ward

Benefit: The weather acts in such a way as to help the character. Wind blows her arrows back on course, while distracting her enemies. Fog thins to allow her to see the opponents creeping up. The sun breaks through clouds to illuminate whatever she is searching for. This results in either a +1 circumstance bonus for the character, or a -1 penalty for her opponent. These modifiers only apply outside, and only if the current weather is such as could be helpful.

Weather Ward

The character is immune to the ill effects of weather.

Benefit: The character is never penalised by weather conditions. She takes no damage from hot or cold weather, and her sight is not restricted by rain or fog. She can fire missiles into a hurricane with their normal range and chances of hitting.In general, no penalty or disadvantage applied because of the weather applies to her.

This feat does grant immunity to magically influence weather, but not to spells with weather-like effects, such as lightning bolt or cone of cold. The immunity does not extend to the character's companions, but it does extend to the equipment she is carrying.


Way of the Mountains

The character is at home in the mountains.

Benefit: The character gains +3 to all Climb totals when climbing mountains, and +3 to Wilderness Lore totals in the mountains.


Hearth Guardian

The character is especially capable when at home.

Benefit: The character gains a +1 bonus to AC and to all rolls, including skill rolls, attack rolls, saving throws, and damage rolls, when she is at home.


Great Mother

The character gives birth to many healthy orcs.

Prerequisites: Female orc.

Benefit: The character becomes pregnant very easily, and always gives birth to triplets or quads. These babies are healthy, and the mother produces enough milk to nurse all of them.


Appraise Person

You can assess the worth of a person as easily as that of an object.

Prerequisite: Merchant's Eye

Benefit: By making an Appraise test, you can tell what a person's most valuable talent or characteristic is. This is somewhat dependent on context; the same person might be the king's son in one context, but a skilled fighter in another. There is no saving throw against this ability, but spell resistance does defend. Use the appraiser's character level to make the caster level check to see if the spell resistance is overcome.

Merchant's Eye

The character is skilled at appraising the value of things.

Benefit: Appraise is a class skill for the character, and he gets a +2 bonus on all uses. Further, he can appraise anything, regardless of whether his background would let him do so. Thus, he might think that something is an ordinary dagger, and yet become convinced that it is worth 10,000gp. He won't know why (it might be enchanted, a valued heirloom, or the only clue to a large treasure), but he will know that something is important about it.

Silver Tongue

The character is extraordinarily persuasive when buying or selling.

Benefit: The character gets +4 on all Charisma-based skill checks directly related to buying or selling. This mainly applies to the process of haggling, but also covers convincing people to stop and look at wares, or convincing sceptical officials that the character should be allowed to trade.

Merianath Thousand-Eyes

Eyes of the Unsleeping

The character can see magic.

Prerequisite: Voice of the Unsleeping, caster level 5+

Benefit: The character sees magic as if under the influence of a permanent detect magic spell.

Merianath's Mantle

The character has spell resistance.

Prerequisite: Spell Ward, caster level 5+

Benefit: The character gains spell resistance equal to 11 + character level.

Spell Insight

The character gains unusual insight into magic, and can cast more spells than most.

Prerequisite: Voice of the Unsleeping

Benefit: The character treats the governing ability for one spellcasting class as two points higher for the purposes of determining additional spells, thus moving the bonus up to the next line on the table. In addition, she gains bonus 0-level spells for that class, if the class has such spells. An ability score of 10 grants one bonus 0-level spell, rising to two at 18, three at 26, four at 34, and so on. The bonus to ability level applies to the bonus 0-level spells as well as to the others.

Spell Ward

The character has unusual resistance to spells.

Prerequisite: Voice of the Unsleeping

Benefit: The character gains a +2 holy bonus to all saving throws against spells or spell-like abilities. This bonus does not apply to saving throws against magic that is neither a spell nor a spell-like ability.

Voice of the Unsleeping

The character often has guiding visions and dreams, sent by Merianath.

Benefit: The visions and dreams may warn of danger, and always warn if a particular course of spell research is futile. They also suggest fruitful topics of study, and rewarding places to go on adventures. GMs should use the visions to make players aware of potential adventures.


Eye of the Guide

You instinctively know the best thing to do for any person.

Benefit: The character knows what she should do to have the most positive long term effect on any person. 'Most positive' is assessed by Plianna's standards, but it is the best thing for that person, not necessarily the best thing over all. Indeed, it is possible that the best things for two or more people might conflict, so that it is impossible to do them at once.

Shaskal Torin

Hero's Protection

The character is more likely to succeed at heroic tasks, but has a tendency to get into trouble when trying to play safe.

Benefit: The player gets a +1 bonus to all rolls when a roll of 16 or higher is needed for success. In compensation, the player suffers a -1 penalty when a roll of 5 or lower is needed for success. These bonuses and penalties only apply in adventuring situations.

Ward of the Shaskallar

The Shaskallar always watch over the character.

Benefit: The character is protected from death in pointless accidents. In addition, if she dies heroically, the Shaskallar always take her body and equipment to Shaskal Torin. Any cleric of Shaskal Torin can then bring her back to life with a simple raise dead spell, and her equipment comes back with her.

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