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This section of my website contains Open Game Content compatible with those third edition rules, you know the ones I mean. (One license is quite enough to worry about.)

I have written a number of books for that system. If you like the material here, you will probably enjoy those books as well.

While this page is not Open Game Content, most of the rest of this section of my site is. Check the declarations on each individual file for further details.

Marchion Online Supplement

The city of Marchion is the setting for Splintered Peace, written by me and published by Atlas Games, in its Penumbra series. These pages provide adventures and further setting information for that city.

The adventures are designed to lead up to the events in Splintered Peace, and thus assume that the player characters are either good, or neutral tending to good. They are not suitable for hard-bitten, amoral characters. In addition, they start with characters of first level, and work up to eighth level. (That's the plan, anyway.) I don't know whether I will continue from that point.

The background material should be of more general use. It includes both further information on people and places in Marchion, and some rule material relating to the city. While I have tried to avoid posting completely broken rules material, it has not been thoroughly playtested, and feedback is welcome. Indeed, feedback on all aspects of the online supplement is welcome; please send it to

This material contains numerous page references to Splintered Peace, and information found in the book is not repeated here. Thus, the book will make this material even more useful to you.

Additions to this section will be noted on my home page.



Further details about the areas of Marchion.


Market Ward

New Mages

The Spires

The Gods

Gifts from the Gods to their pious worshippers.
Religious festivals for the various Gods.


The Green Guardians
A group dedicated to preserving Marchion's freedom. Includes a Prestige Class with abilities useful in combating magical foes.


The elves of Marchion and the surrounding lands.


The Dervish
A fighting class that relies on speed and emphasises the use of two weapons.


Welcome to Marchion
A short, introductory adventure, which puts new characters in Marchion and introduces them to a couple of important characters.

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