A New Baby

August 20th 1226

I hate being pregnant. I can't walk properly, and my back aches. Actually, everything aches. I wish this baby would hurry up and get born. And not be a puppy, of course.

September 6th 1226

Constantine returned from his 'covenant duties' today. Apparently, he looked very pleased with himself, but he hasn't sent me a note or anything.

September 7th 1226

Constantine came to the manor this morning to pay his respects. Achilles didn't look too happy, but he couldn't do much. While Constantine was talking to me, I suddenly went into labour. Constantine and Achilles both went white, and Achilles said "But you can't give birth today". He sent for Jimena, who seemed to be expecting the summons.

When my baby, Rubea, was born, Jimena kept hold of her for a while, and I was terrified that she was a puppy. She isn't, of course, she's a beautiful baby girl, with red hair, sweet little hands, and a very loud voice. It's true that her eyebrows do meet in the middle, and her ears are just the teeniest bit pointed, but I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. Magus Constantine came after the birth, and blessed Rubea, so now everything will be fine.

Achilles didn't look at all pleased, though. He looked very hard at the baby, and at me, and said "A girl. On Harvest Moon." Then he left.

Oh dear. I think he suspects something.