Normal Visitors

19th March 1226

At this time when we remember Christ's resurrection, I pray particularly for the new life that is growing within me. Magus Constantine has left the covenant this season, to look for magical things, so he was not, unfortunately, at the service, and thus could not see how little I cared whether he attended.

25th March 1226

Maybe Achilles is good for something after all! A tutor has arrived, a scarred and sickly looking young man called Naimes. He isn't a patch on Magus Constantine, of course, but he has been engaged to teach me, and possibly the children, when they are a bit older. We will start right away, with some Latin.

10th April 1226

We have visitors. A group of pilgrims on their way to the Hermitage became lost, and found themselves in Caribet. We offered the more presentable of them the hospitality of the manor house, and they did not immediately ask to visit the wizards. It was nice to be wanted, for once. My husband spent most of his time talking to the men, a Sir Hernaut, one Fr Marcus, and a merchant named Alleaume. I, naturally, entertained the lady of the party, one Beatrix, a wealthy widow from Lamballe. One of the group's porter's had a broken leg, so we sent for Jimena to set it. Beatrix insisted on consulting the doctor, and afterwards she told me, in great detail, about the various illnesses from which she suffers.

She also told a terrible story about her home town of Lamballe. Apparently, demons are stealing corpses from the graveyards. Beatrix is terrified that she might die in Lamballe, and be taken by the demons. One of the robbers, a man named Budog, was caught and hanged, but the demons took his body from the gibbet, and the town's baker swore that the evil spirits had returned the man to life, without his right hand. It is something of a relief to hear that these sorts of things happen in other places as well.

11th April 1226

Our visitors have left to continue their pilgrimage. I remarked to Achilles that it was nice to have some human visitors for once.

12th April 1226

For some reason, the wizards have decided that they must see whether demons really are robbing the graves in Lamballe. I can't see why they need to interfere.

18th April 1226

The wizards have returned. Apparently, there really were demons robbing the graves, although Yves, one of the guards, slew both of them with a single blow from his dagger. I would have thought that this meant that they were not very powerful demons, but they almost killed Duncan, one of Maga Iuris Perita's personal guards. I must see about getting this Yves assigned to guard the manor house.

The story about Budog was mostly true, as well. The demons really had animated his corpse, and he was still helping to rob the graves. I have asked Achilles whether we are now supposed to believe every wild tale that we here, and he said that it's often safest. I almost got told about how he rode down the demon-possessed lord of Ploeuc, again, but I managed to head him off by talking about the baby.

1st May 1226

Apparently Galienne wanted to invite the Dukes of Brittany and Normandy to her wedding. It took Achilles quite some time to explain to her that the Dukes would not attend a wedding between a steward of a steward of a steward and the bastard daughter of some minor noble. She did insist on inviting my family, but I don't think that they will come, given what happened last time they came here for a wedding.

31st May 1226

It is Galienne's wedding tomorrow, and I am told that Ploeuc is all a-bustle with the preparations. There is to be a great feast, and Lady Marta is expected to visit. It will be interesting to meet my neighbour. Galienne's earlier child has been fostered with our bailiff. I have heard rumours that my husband is the father. I have confronted Achilles over these suggestions, and he denied them vehemently while going very red indeed. I am sure that they are true.

1st June 1226

Galienne's wedding was very nice. It would have been lovely, except that magus Speculor insisted on escorting her up the aisle and presenting her to Sir Yves. The sparks in his hair make everyone so uncomfortable, and it was hard to enjoy looking at the bride when he was towering over them and glowering. Or maybe he was looking pleased -- it is so hard to tell.

Galienne looked charming. She was positively radiant, and her pregnancy hardly showed at all. I suspect that magus Speculor may have had something to do with that, as she looked a lot more pregnant yesterday. Her happiness was, I am sure, real, as I know that she has always believed that it was her destiny to marry a noble. It seems that she may have been right, although Sir Yves is a very minor noble.

Lady Marta was very polite. I got the distinct feeling that she was sizing me up, and assessing whether I was a threat. I'm not sure how I could threaten her, but I suppose a widow with lands gets used to seeing threats everywhere. I did my best to charming in return, and complimented her on her most interesting sparkly earrings.

The feast went well, especially after Galienne managed to persuade magus Speculor to retire to the manor house with my husband and Sir Guillaume. I chose to remain at the feast, as it seemed appropriate for the lady of the manor to oversee the festivities, and Lady Marta showed no signs of wanting to withdraw. Achilles was initially reluctant, and I sharply reminded him that it wasn't Midwinter. He flushed at that, and let me stay.

5th June 1226

Magus Constantine has returned to the covenant from gallivanting about the countryside. As was only right and proper, I went to greet him on his return.

I must confess, it was fun to see his face fall and go stark white like that. It would seem that great magi do not know everything.

6th June 1226

Magus Constantine has sent me a note asking to meet in the covenant clearing. I don't think I will dignify it with an answer, after he went off and left me for three months.

7th June 1226

Another note from Constantine. More polite and wheedling this time, but I still don't think he deserves an answer.

8th June 1226

Yet another note from Constantine. Oh, this is fun.

9th June 1226

It's night, and there's still no note from Constantine. What can be the matter? I've questioned Heodez to make sure that she hasn't just forgotten to give me one, but she swears that there has been no note today.

10th June 1226

No note again today.

11th June 1226

I sent a note to Constantine, asking him to meet me tomorrow while Achilles is checking on Ploeuc.

12th June 1226

I spoke to Constantine today, and he seemed quite harried. Good.

He asked me how I was, and when the baby was due. He obviously wanted to ask whether I thought it was his, but he was too scared. I was a bit coy, and made sure to mention that Sir Achilles was very affectionate after Constantine started ignoring me. He seemed pleased about that, which is not the right reaction. Anyway, he told me that the services of the covenant, and of his magic, were at my disposal if I felt that they were necessary.

For some reason, he insisted on waiting for Achilles to return. My husband did not look pleased when he got back, but Constantine explained that he had come to offer any magical assistance he could with my pregnancy and that, finding that Achilles was away, had chosen to wait for his return to avoid any suspicion about his motives. Ooh, that Constantine is a sly one! I suppose he gets lots of practice, the bastard.

Anyway, I don't think it removed all of my husband's suspicions -- Constantine's reputation is a bit too well known -- but he did seem happier, and invited Constantine to dine with us. He accepted! Achilles seemed rather surprised, and even more suprised when Constantine spent most of the time talking to him, and being merely polite and concerned toward me. I was a bit offended at first, but then I realised what he was doing.


Achilles has just mentioned that Constantine said that the covenant would be sending him out to hunt for 'wees' again next season. I want to note that Constantine didn't have the guts to tell me that to my face! He's abandoning me while our child is due, and can't even tell me to my face! Well, that settles it. I'm never going to speak to him again.