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My latest book has now been announced. I contributed to Monster Manual V for Dungeons and Dragons. On the one had, this is just a handful of monsters in a big monster book; it’s not a book by me in any reasonable sense, just one I contributed to. On the other, I have now written for Dungeons and Dragons. This will be immensely useful to me when people ask what I do, because “Oh, like Dungeons and Dragons?” is quite a common response.

I can now just say “Yes, one of the games I write for is Dungeons and Dragons”, rather than having to say “Yes, like that, but not actually D&D”.

Also, D&D is the original RPG, so there’s a sense in which I really wanted to get a D&D credit under my belt. As a bonus, the process was easy, and Wizards pay well and early.

Once I know which of the monsters I wrote made it to the final book (they paid me for all of them, which is promising), I’ll add a books page for D&D.







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  1. Sheila avatar

    Let me know which one’s yours and I’ll make sure to read it (and probably hope very much that no character of mine ever has to deal with it!).

  2. David Chart avatar
    David Chart

    Thanks. I hope that more than one of my monsters made it through editing… We might get to see an advance version of the text relatively soon, in which case I think I’m allowed to name my monsters on my books page.

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