The cover of Akrasia

Akrasia is the goddess of wasting time on trivialities.

Akrasia is the goddess who tempts people to have just one more beer before going home, to enjoy the good weather rather than fix the roof, to play one more round of cards before getting back to work. She seems unthreatening, and some people even wonder whether she is truly evil.

The number of freelance writers who saw the concept of this book and immediately sympathised with the idea is amazingly high. Indeed, lots of people identified with it, sometimes even while wondering why I thought this was a good concept for an evil deity. She makes you waste your life on trivialities you don’t particularly enjoy; sounds pretty evil to me.

This was one of the first d20 books I wrote, so there was an element of getting used to the system. Fortunately, the whole thing was rather short. It was actually a lot of fun and, as I said in the author bio, no deadlines were harmed in the making of this product.