I have a doctorate in the history and philosophy of science, and I have a few academic publications. I do not anticipate this section growing much — but you never know.

  • Schulte and Goodman’s Riddle

    Ultimately, this short discussion was my only publication in a peer-reviewed philosophy journal. If you had told me that at the time, I would have been a lot more upset than I am now.

  • The Record of Women’s Great Treasures

    This is an academic article translating part of a late seventeenth century educational text for women. The whole text is very interesting, and Dr Tanimura and I translated all of it, but we were only able to publish one chapter, on pregnancy of childbirth.

  • A Theory of Understanding

    This book explains the way in which I think we understand the world. It is based on my PhD dissertation, and is mainly aimed at academic philosophers. However, a number of intelligent lay people have assured me that they could follow it. My basic idea is that understanding is the ability to simulate part of…