An Edeinos in Core Earth

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An Edeinos in Core Earth is a small supplement for Torg Eternity, which I published on the Infiniverse Exchange. In the game, earth (called Core Earth) has been invaded by a number of different realities, one of which, called The Living Land, has focused on North America. These realities have their own natives, who are human, or nearly so, in most cases. The Living Land, however, is an important exception. The native intelligent species there is the edeinos, who are humanoid lizards. This means that they are obviously “not from around here” when they travel in Core Earth.

This is an issue within the game, because player characters can be edeinos, and groups of player characters are expected to travel to many different realities. Particularly in Core Earth, edeinos should have problems, because they appear to be the aliens who recently invaded. Indeed, the game already includes a mechanic to make social interactions more difficult for them, as people do not accept them easily.

The aim of this supplement is to provide support for making this part of the story, if the players want it to be. It offers a mechanism for players of edeinos to say “I want the fact that my character is an edeinos to cause trouble”, and concrete guidelines on things that can happen when it does. I felt it was important to give the player control over whether there was trouble, because the trouble is racism directed at their character. Not all players will want to deal with that in a game, and players who do not want to should still be able to play edeinos. Ignoring something is legitimate. On the other hand, the racism will cause trouble for the whole group, so they should all get some compensation: Possibilities, the normal currency for such things in the game.