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Cover for Fallen Fane

Fallen Fane

Fallen Fane is a live-action Ars Magica scenario. It was written to be played by a couple of dozen people in an afternoon at a game convention. For a few years, at the end of the twentieth century, I was writing about one of those per year. Fallen Fane was the last one I did, […]

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Before the Planting

Before the Planting is the most recent thing I have written for Torg Eternity on the Infiniverse Exchange. This one is a short adventure, set in The Living Land, and involves gospog fields, which are a central part of the background for Torg Eternity. The Storm Knights have to chase kidnapped refugees through the jungle, […]

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12 Perils for the Living Land

12 Perils for the Living Land is not really a book; it is a very short supplement for Torg Eternity, specifically for the Living Land, as you might be able to guess from the title. The Living Land is a primitive reality, complete with jungles, dinosaurs, and lost ruins, which has primarily taken over parts […]

Medieval Player’s Manual

This is a guide to roleplaying in medieval Britain. OK, I don’t need to ask why Green Ronin thought it would be a good idea for me to write a book about the Middle Ages. Indeed, the president of Green Ronin wrote to the president of Atlas suggesting that he should really be charging an […]

Corellon Larethian

Corellon Larethian is the chief deity of the elves in the Forgotten Realms setting for Dungeons and Dragons. The Forgotten Realms setting was released when I was a teenager, and I have loved it ever since. In a lot of ways, it is the classic RPG fantasy setting, and I like those settings, particularly the […]

Citadel of the Red Sun

Citadel of the Red Sun is a one-act adventure for Torg Eternity, set in the Living Land. A wonder, a fragment of another reality, appears within the Living Land, and the player characters go to investigate it. This adventure is designed to drop into any standard Torg Eternity campaign, although it might not work later […]

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An Edeinos in Core Earth

An Edeinos in Core Earth is a small supplement for Torg Eternity, which I published on the Infiniverse Exchange. In the game, earth (called Core Earth) has been invaded by a number of different realities, one of which, called The Living Land, has focused on North America. These realities have their own natives, who are […]

The cover of Black Monks of Glastonbury

The Black Monks of Glastonbury

Black Monks is an adventure setting in medieval England. The books describes Glastonbury Abbey, in the west of England, with lots of mythic Ars Magica detail. The adventure premise is that most of the monks of the Abbey have become devil worshippers; as the Abbey itself still contains one of the holiest places in England, […]

Cover of Love and War

Love and War

Love and War is a sourcebook of knights and chivalry. I was asked to write this book on the grounds that I know a lot about the subject. I can’t think where people got that impression from. Anyway, my goal here was to get away from “knight=fighter in shiny armour on horse”, and look into […]

Feats of Prowess

Feats of Prowess is a supplement for Torg Eternity, available on the Infiniverse Exchange. This short supplement contains a couple of dozen perks for characters in the game. Perks in Torg Eternity are like feats, or advantages, or merits, in other RPGs. They are special abilities that allow a character to do things that other […]

Cover of Power and Privilege

Power and Privilege

A sourcebook detailing the fictional Rosicrucians for the WitchCraft game. The brief for this book was to include no new mechanics, which meant that I had to include interesting background material. My goal was to design a group that would work well both as player character and as antagonists; the Rosicrucians were not presented very […]

Cover of Ars Magica Fifth Edition

Ars Magica Fifth Edition

Ars Magica is the roleplaying game of medieval magic. Best Rules Best Production Values Best Game Ars Magica Fifth Edition is, obviously, a revision of Ars Magica Fourth Edition (on which I did a lot of work; see below), which in turn was a revision of First through Third Editions (on which I did no […]

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Home Front: Philadelphia

Home Front: Philadelphia is another short supplement for Torg Eternity. In Torg Eternity, Earth has been invaded by different realities, and much of North America is under the influence of a primitive action reality called The Living Land. The city of Philadelphia, however, is an island of Earth’s old reality, called Core Earth in the […]

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8 Million Gods

8 Million Gods is another supplement that I wrote for Torg Eternity. As you might be able to guess from the cover image, it is an adaptation of Shinto to work within the game world. One of my reasons for writing this is that I wanted to be able to create and play Shinto characters […]

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Spirited Tools

Spirited Tools is a supplement for Torg Eternity available on the Infiniverse Exchange. In Torg Eternity, the rules of reality are different in different areas, and in the Living Land high technology and magic do not work, but there is a very high level of spiritual power. One of the fun things about the game […]

The cover of Akrasia


Akrasia is the goddess of wasting time on trivialities. Akrasia is the goddess who tempts people to have just one more beer before going home, to enjoy the good weather rather than fix the roof, to play one more round of cards before getting back to work. She seems unthreatening, and some people even wonder […]

Road to Philadelphia

Torg was a roleplaying game released about thirty years ago in which earth was invaded by different realities, different genres of roleplaying game, and you played characters from these different realities who all worked together to fight the invaders. Thus, fantasy wizards worked with cyberpunk hackers and two-fisted pulp detectives to defeat dinosaur-riding lizardmen. It […]

Cover of Splintered Peace

Splintered Peace

Splintered Peace is about saving a city from itself. This was an attempt to do something a bit different. There are hordes of attacking orcs, and dealing with their leader is an important part of the adventure. However, the main problem is the growth of racial tensions within the city, and that cannot be resolved […]

The cover of Heirs to Merlin

Heirs to Merlin

Heirs to Merlin is the book of medieval England and Wales for Ars Magica. This was my first full book. It is the source book for England and Wales, and contains no game statistics at all. Instead, I focused on ways to bring medieval history into a game, without turning it into a history lesson. […]