Ars Magica

I have written quite a lot for Ars Magica, and also managed the line for fourteen years.

  • Fallen Fane

    Fallen Fane is a live-action Ars Magica scenario. It was written to be played by a couple of dozen people in an afternoon at a game convention. For a few years, at the end of the twentieth century, I was writing about one of those per year. Fallen Fane was the last one I did, […]

  • The Black Monks of Glastonbury

    Black Monks is an adventure setting in medieval England. The books describes Glastonbury Abbey, in the west of England, with lots of mythic Ars Magica detail. The adventure premise is that most of the monks of the Abbey have become devil worshippers; as the Abbey itself still contains one of the holiest places in England, […]

  • Heirs to Merlin

    Heirs to Merlin is the book of medieval England and Wales for Ars Magica. This was my first full book. It is the source book for England and Wales, and contains no game statistics at all. Instead, I focused on ways to bring medieval history into a game, without turning it into a history lesson. […]

  • Ars Magica Fifth Edition

    Ars Magica is the roleplaying game of medieval magic.   Best Rules Best Production Values Best Game Ars Magica Fifth Edition is, obviously, a revision of Ars Magica Fourth Edition (on which I did a lot of work; see below), which in turn was a revision of First through Third Editions (on which I did […]