These products were written to be compatible with the best known and oldest fantasy roleplaying game under the terms of a license that does not allow me to name it here.

  • Medieval Player’s Manual

    This is a guide to roleplaying in medieval Britain. OK, I don’t need to ask why Green Ronin thought it would be a good idea for me to write a book about the Middle Ages. Indeed, the president of Green Ronin wrote to the president of Atlas suggesting that he should really be charging an […]

  • Love and War

    Love and War is a sourcebook of knights and chivalry. I was asked to write this book on the grounds that I know a lot about the subject. I can’t think where people got that impression from. Anyway, my goal here was to get away from “knight=fighter in shiny armour on horse”, and look into […]

  • Splintered Peace

    Splintered Peace is about saving a city from itself. This was an attempt to do something a bit different. There are hordes of attacking orcs, and dealing with their leader is an important part of the adventure. However, the main problem is the growth of racial tensions within the city, and that cannot be resolved […]