Privacy Policy

My basic privacy policy is to collect as little information as possible about visitors, and to avoid making money based on that information. That is why there is no third-party advertising on the site, and why my affiliate links to Amazon are mostly passive links, rather than links to fetch material from Amazon and embed it here — which I think probably links your visit to the page to your Amazon account. (You would have to ask them to be sure about that, however.)

Any information you provide in comments is publicly visible, with the exception of the email address you give. This email address will not be given to third parties, unless I am compelled to do so by law.

I use a statistics plug-in (WP-Statistics) to gather anonymised data about visitors. It is set to hash IP addresses and not perform Geo look-up. I also have a security plug-in installed, and that does record your IP address if you try to hack my site.

As the webmaster of the domain, I also have access to the recent logs, which include IP addresses. These could, in principle, be used to identify individuals, but probably only with the cooperation of your internet service provider; they only directly identify a computer at a time, as ISPs reassign IP addresses from time to time. In short, if a government agency wanted to know who you were, they could probably find out, but the only plausible way for me to do so is to ask you. I do not archive the raw log files, as I have no need for them.

I have an automatically generated opt-out preferences page. This may be updated as I figure out why my site is doing things and get it to stop.


One response to “Privacy Policy”

  1. Ayako Nakamura avatar
    Ayako Nakamura

    Hi David,

    How are you?

    I heard you were in Japan but did not know you were in Kawasaki. I am going back there on April 1 and am staying for 3 months. My mother’s house is in Miyamae-ku near Mukogaoka Yuen (Odakyu Line) or Noborito (Nanbu Line).

    Nice to see someone is calm and going about their life normally there. The hysteria in western media has been positively deafening and the disaster and continuing issues at the nuclear plant have been used for political purposes.

    Your daughter is very cute and I am pleased to see that you are happily married.