English as Decoration

Japanese companies often use English words and phrases as decorative motifs on products. They do not worry too much about what they mean, or whether they are actually English, because they are simply decoration. This can lead to a certain degree of incongruity for English speakers; anyone who has visited Japan will have encountered at least a couple of examples.

In the TV listings magazine this week there is an example that goes a bit beyond incongruity. It’s an advert for an idol DVD. This is a genre I’ve not noticed in the west, although it may exist. One or more attractive women pose in bikinis, underwear, or revealing outfits, over the course of a one hour DVD. They do not generally, I believe, include nude scenes.

Anyway, this DVD features a model called Kawamura Yukie. The English strap line is clearly derived from her name.

“Silky body, Yuckey”






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  1. Sheila avatar

    Good example!
    The Japanese do seem to be particularly good at abuse of English but, having seen it there, I now look out for it elsewhere and have not been disappointed.

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