Computer Woes

I’ve just upgraded the version of Linux on my computer to Ubuntu 08.04, and it’s broken the keyboard. What that means is that I can’t type anything on Linux. It’s only the software that’s broken, so fortunately I can type on the Mac side of my machine.

However, I work on the Linux side. I rather hope that the bug system provides a solution to this problem pretty quickly… If not, I’ll have to downgrade, which will be a complete pain, because I’ll have to reinstall the Japanese input system and a bunch of programs I use that don’t come with the default installation.

This sort of regression is really not supposed to happen with official releases. There’s a live CD version that you can use without upgrading your machine, and the keyboard works just fine on that. It might also be an upgrade conflict, but it’s beyond my expertise to solve, at least right now.

So, if you’re waiting for an email response from me, you could be waiting for a little longer than usual.






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