In My Sleep

Yesterday, Yuriko told me I’d been talking in my sleep. Apparently, I told her that there was a blue light inside the light in our bedroom. When she said that, I remembered saying it, and seeing the light. It was like a bit of blue lightning, moving around inside the lampshade.

Of course, the really significant thing is that Yuriko told me that I told her that in Japanese. And, although communication was apparently a little difficult, I successfully told her what I wanted to say.

Thus, I can now, in all honesty, claim to be able to speak Japanese in my sleep.






2 responses to “In My Sleep”

  1. David Boyle avatar
    David Boyle

    Congratulations on discovering your talent. At 4.20am last Friday, I dreamt up the reason why my case at 10.30am might have a flaw in it, picked up the puzzle book by the side of the bed with my eyes closed, wrote 4 lines of cryptic but entirely legible notes in the back of it, dropped same and, eyes still closed, drifted back to sleep. Fortunately, the evidence changed and the problem resolved itself.

  2. Christian Lonsing avatar

    I had a dream recently that let me get up, grab a box of handgrenades and place it beside my bed, just in case (don’t remember which case that might be, though). Next morning it turned out to be a box of boccia balls–thank god. I probably should stop leading such a violent life…

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