Google Being Strange

I’m using Google AdWords as one of the ways to advertise Tamao, and Google AdSense as one of the ways to make money off it. The ads displayed on AdSense sites are the ones paid for by AdWords customers. They are targeted by Google’s clever metrics to appear on sites where the readers might be interested in them.

It is undoubtedly true that people reading Tamao might be interested in Tamao. However, they already know about it. After all, they’re reading it. Thus, the fact that I just saw my advert for Tamao on the Tamao main page is, well, puzzling. Yes, the algorithms for determining relevance are doing a good job. No, the “don’t display an ad on the page it points to” blindingly-obvious algorithm is not working.

I guess that, for some reason, it could be very difficult for Google to exclude the advertised page from ad displays. But I really can’t see why. Very odd. And it would cost me Google’s cut if anyone clicked on the ad.






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