Delays? Sometimes

Tokyo really is almost normal now. There are still power cuts, and the trains are still running at about 70–80% capacity, but when I went in a convenience store to find Pringles for Mayuki last night, it had lots of bread, as well as still having some other empty shelves, so distribution seems to be working again.

In another sign of that, I ordered some Thomas the Tank Engine books for Mayuki (and the complete Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because it’s a modern televisual classic and worked out to about 35p an episode) from Amazon UK on the 16th. They arrived here on the 19th. I can’t help suspecting that that’s faster than they deliver within the UK. Anyway, it was very convenient, because it meant that they were here for my break while Yuriko and Mayuki went to Nagoya for the weekend, so I was able to relax while watching Buffy. It really is quite well-written, even in the first series, and I’m told it gets better. It might well take me seven years to watch it all, though.

I did another internet lesson with my student in Fukushima prefecture today, and she offered to send me batteries. Apparently, batteries are not in short supply there. I turned her down, of course; we do have enough, and the idea of people in the disaster area sending emergency supplies to those outside is just silly. But she could make the offer, because the postal service is working again, and parcel deliveries are apparently due to start today or tomorrow. As I mentioned before, she’s inland, so no tsunami damage, but some areas of Tohoku are starting to recover from the disaster.






3 responses to “Delays? Sometimes”

  1. R. O'Neil avatar
    R. O’Neil

    Thank you for your updates. I have been meaning to comment for some time now because I really enjoy the Shinto information you provide.

  2. Carin avatar

    Hi David,
    Many thanks for the updates. Please keep the English blog going as John has started to read it himself and has very much enjoyed the Mayuki entries & photos.
    Buffy rocks! The musical episode is iconic. Try Supernatural as well; series 1-3 were good but the shark had well and truly jumped by season 4.
    John says ‘hello, Mayuki’ and is looking forward to seeing her this Summer. Keep well, love to Yuriko x
    Carin and John

  3. David Chart avatar
    David Chart

    @R. O’Neil: Thank you. There should be more Shinto material fairly soon, now that things are settling down again.

    @Carin: I’ll keep it up, and remember to include more photographs of Mayuki for John. I’m looking forward to the musical episode; it’s buried somewhere in the box set.

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