12 Perils for the Living Land

Image of the Book Cover12 Perils for the Living Land is not really a book; it is a very short supplement for Torg Eternity, specifically for the Living Land, as you might be able to guess from the title. The Living Land is a primitive reality, complete with jungles, dinosaurs, and lost ruins, which has primarily taken over parts of the USA and Canada.

Torg Eternity makes a lot of use of cards, including “Cosm Cards”, which can be played while in a certain reality to reinforce the conventions of that reality, and make each of the realities feel different in play. This is a very good idea, because the differences between realities are an important part of what makes Torg feel distinctive. One of the cards for the Living Land is “Perils of the Living Land”, which means that the group face a peril.

The problem with this card is that the GM has to come up with a peril. This supplement provides… Oh, you guessed. Yes, there are twelve perils in here, ready to be used when someone plays that card. Because individual Cosm Cards are not likely to come up every session, and a normal game of Torg would cross several different realities, twelve should be enough for most campaigns. I released this product, like Day 2: Road to Philadelphia, on the first day that the Infiniverse Exchange opened, which has meant that it has also seen good sales, relatively speaking. (Around 125 copies, as of this writing, which is about 10% of the core fans of the game, judging from the number of backers on the Kickstarters.)






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